Boneyard Pets and....Coach?!

Boneyard Pets and....Coach?!

Very similar, but not the same!

Lots of people have been asking us lately if the Coach dinosaurs are ours, or if we are connected to them in any way. The answer is actually no :/ That would be super cool if it were true, but it's unfortunately not! While we certainly applaud (and are fans of) their efforts to bring cool dinosaur skeletons to such a huge audience, we have to admit that we are slightly biased when we say that we think ours are just a little bit cooler...ok, A LOT cooler!)

Although....if Coach wanted to team up to have us build them some, we probably wouldn't turn it down, haha! (oh, and of course -- ours are made in the USA and theirs are

Boneyard Pets and Coach



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