Boneyard Pets are now on the USA Love List!

Boneyard Pets are now on the USA Love List!

One of the things that sets us apart from other toy-manufacturers is that every single aspect of our operation is sourced from within and carried out in the USA. Buying American-made products not only sustains our economy by keeping our money here where it can do the most good, but it's also a powerful vote in support of not outsourcing employment opportunities out to other places where working conditions are often unsafe and sometimes inhumane.

Boneyard Pets are designed and manufactured in our Brooklyn workshop, and every single facet of our operation is carried out by our small in-house team of local New Yorkers, from packing-and-shipping to social media management and everything in between. Yes, we do wear lots of hats around here!

That being said, we are excited to be featured on the USALoveList's deals page until January 1st! Click here to see the deal, save some money, and feel good about supporting your local economy by buying quality products that are made with love!

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