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Come pledge today!

We are excited to announce that today we launched our newest Kickstarter campaign!

In honor or their special #make100 project, we are offering a very exclusive limited-edition run of 100 Velociraptors and 100 Smilodons in crafted in gorgeous brushed aluminum, available in 2 sizes and arriving fully assembled!

These are less children's toys and more fine-art pieces that are perfect for display in any upscale setting for that special dinosaur enthusiast in your life.

Each one will come individually hand-numbered and is being offered at a DEEP DISCOUNT for the next 30 days only. So, jump on it fast to get the best deal with our earlybird bundles, which are limited to just 10 each!

Each piece is lovingly hand-made right here in Brooklyn, USA and comes with a colorful Komatex version and a free shirt!

Kickstarter has already added it to their "Projects We Love" category, so come snap these up while they last!


Boneyard Pets on Kickstarter



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