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A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated!

While we are still tallying up the votes for the final winners (which we will post and email about later), we do have the stats for all the other winners:

  • 4 people won the daily random participation drawings for submitting name suggestions, each winning one of our NEW (and still as of yet unpublished) mini pterodactyl puzzles in the color of their choice.
  • 6 semi-finalists whose names went to the final voting round each won a random full-size Komatex pet.
  • The 2 final winners will win 1 x 1/4" HDPE pet (1 Triceratops for the winner of the Triceratops naming contest, and 1 Smilodon for the winner of the Smilodon naming contest)

See the contest page here: https://boneyardpets.com/pages/help-us-name-our-new-pets


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