Yes! We DO Do Custom Orders!

Yes! We DO Do Custom Orders!

Custom orders are so much fun to make!

Every once in a while we will get a request to build something that we don't carry in our regular line, and there is pretty much no limit as to what we create as we operate out of a fully-fledged fabrication shop.

We recently got a request to build a giant Plesiosaurus out of 1/2" thick all-white HDPE (so it looks like real bones!) to be suspended in a child's bedroom from the ceiling.

Our dinosaurs are all engineered to be free-standing, so creating a hanging version was a bit of a challenge!

In addition to drilling holes to accommodate the matching zip ties required to keep the pieces together (like in the museums!), we also had to create a custom hanging kit for this model based on the dimensions of the room it would be installed in and the material that it would be hung from.

After much tinkering, we finally were able to construct a model that fit to the exact specifications of the customer!

Here are some photos of it!


If you are interested in having something special custom-built for you, please contact us to chat about making your giant dinosaur a reality!

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  • I thought they all also had names, like Moe, Curley, etc. Was I mistaken? I gave my husband a table top velociraptor for Christmas. What a great line of gifts!

    Barbara Bearman on

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