About Us

Who we are, our mission, and history!

Our mission:

Based in NYC, the Boneyard Pets mission is to continuously challenge ourselves to innovate new and exciting designs for puzzles and toys that we can create right here in our workshop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where we also pack and ship all of our products as well.

We pride ourselves on our quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and social/environmental responsibility. Our products are 100% American made out of 100% American materials. We strive to keep everything related to our product as local as possible by supporting other local businesses...right down to our packaging, which we also source from within the United States.

We also consider sustainability a huge factor in our manufacturing process as well; all of our materials are either made out of recycled material and/or can also be recycled as well.

Who we are, and some history:
"The people I work with are truly my family. The look on a kids face after they have spent about an hour sanding, sorting and actually putting a real thing together makes it all worthwhile. We live in a world where kids spend so little time actually making real things. We are going to change that! And that is what truly inspires me!

We started with one dinosaur and spent 6 months redesigning it to actually stand at a larger size in cool materials and not look like the little ones we all grew up with. When that was done, we did another, and another, and another...and now, we have 9 different Boneyard Pets, in two different materials, in 14 different colors. Every one we showed them to, loved them. We did 3 Kickstarter campaigns with 3 different versions and all were incredibly successful.

I am an artisan toy maker, and every time I see someone build a pet and spend 30-60 minutes sanding, sorting and ultimately building one, I smile because in the fast paced digital world that we live in, kids need to still work with their hands and see what they can create in real time.

The Company is going from strength to strength. From our Kickstarter campaigns, we were able to bring our Boneyard Pets to the online community. Having tested our product out in the retail environment at the Union Square Holiday market in New York, we were now ready to open up to the direct retail world. We participated in the NYNOW trade show, as well as the Toy Fair and have had great responses so far."
-Eric Winston, Director

The staff at Boneyard Pets is small, but passionate...and growing! We are a team who truly shares our unique vision of creating quality, fun, and educational, toys out of child-safe and earth-friendly materials while contributing to the sustainability of our local economy.

    To see even more about our materials, safety information, process, help with ordering, and more, please see our F.A.Q. page here!

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