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[Standard] 3D Animal Puzzle - Eleanor the Archelon (Sea Turtle) - Komatex PVC - 8 Color Options

Regular price $ 30.00

Your little paleontologist can bring the pre-historic creatures back to life with this 3D puzzle that forms a detailed Archelon skeleton once complete.
The punch-out pieces are quick and easy to assemble.

  • Includes 51 pieces (2 panels)
  • Assembled: 7'' L x 1.5'' H
  • Recyclable PVC
  • Recommended for ages 7 years and up
  • Made in the USA
  • Difficulty level: 3 (out of 5)
CHOKING HAZARD: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Package dimensions are 10" x 14"

About Arcehlon:
NAME: Archelon, Greek for “Ruler Turtle”
Pronounced:  ARK-eh-lon
Named By: G.R. Wieland in 1896
DIET: Omnivore (ate both plants and meat); likely grazed on seaweed, squid, mollusks, and jellyfish.
Length: up to 12 feet (4 m)
Weight: up to 4,850 lbs (220 kg)
WHEN IT LIVED: Late Cretaceous period, about 65-75 million years ago.
WHERE IT LIVED: Archelon lived in the shallow sea that once covered North America, fossils have been found in Wyoming and South Dakota.
FOSSILS: The specimen exhibited by the Museum of Natural History in Vienna is estimated to have lived to be a century old, and may have died while brumating on the ocean floor.
INTERESTING FACTS: Unlike most modern turtles (but like the related leatherback sea turtle), Archelon did not have a solid shell, but instead had a skeletal framework supporting a leathery or bony carapace.